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It's simple. When you provide the payment methods your customers prefer they're more likely to convert. Ingenico ePayments' advanced technology supports 150 payment methods around the world. You can easily tailor your payment methods to each market to offer the best mix of payment methods by country, region and device.

Ingenico ePayments supports the world's most popular payment methods, including:

As well as payment methods specific to territories, including:

Don't Just Offer More Choice, Offer The Right Payment Methods

Payment methods vary by country and process. This is where our expert consultants come in. Are you thinking of expanding to the Netherlands? Then make sure to add Ideal, the dominant payment method for online purchases. Brazil - make sure you offer Boleto. But no optimized payment method is complete without the right currencies. We'll help you get the right mix which meets your customers' expectations and optimizes your top line results.

Check our Developer Hub for more insights on offered payment methods per country or per payment product. 

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