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Client stories 

F1 Grand Prix

No pit stops needed for Move/5000 terminals at the F1 Grand Prix

At the newly opened French F1 Grand Prix at Le Castellet, customers enjoyed service at top speed in the catering areas thanks to the Move/5000 with the payment application ‘[email protected]’.

“Compared to a traditional checkout, having two or three portable POS terminals is proven to increase sales for merchants significantly while reducing stock.” ROMAIN MERIAU Managing Director, Fülle

[email protected]’ is an HTML5-based application, tailor-made by Fülle specifically for Telium TETRA terminals. The [email protected] application means the payment terminals take payment like a mobile checkout, while also reconciling revenue and stock levels.

Mobility made easy
The Move/5000 portable payment terminals can be used anywhere at the track, so staff can move around to serve customers better. Staff received a short training session and were then able to use the devices within minutes. Then, instead of just one checkout at each stand, staff had three mobile terminals at their disposal, allowing more transactions to be processed.

Fast installation under pressure
Accès Vital Technology (AVT) installed 100 Ingenico Move/5000 terminals, pre-loaded with the [email protected] application. Installation took just a few hours and the setup and testing process was completed in less than 4 days. Good communication and a successful partnership between Ingenico, Fülle, Planet Monetic and AVT made a timely launch possible.

>Capacity and reliability
This Grand Prix circuit had been closed for 12 years, so the catering areas needed an innovative new payment solution that could cope with a high volume of transactions from 7am to 8pm, and spikes in demand when there was a break in competition.

Fast deployment
The event’s catering areas were not ready until shortly before the event began, so the payment solution had to be fully tested offsite and flawlessly deployed in very little time.

Maximize revenue
Mobile checkout terminals have been proven to increase sales threefold compared to cash payments at a traditional till. Naturally, food vendors wanted to leverage this new technology to boost their revenue.



Telium TETRA solution offer is not just promising it's a response to how the checkout requirements of merchants are evolving with its ability to support new value-added services, Ingenico solution offers merchants optimum support and flexibility." SÉBASTIEN LICO
Sales Director, AVT

Real-time sales data for effective stock management
Because the solution has real-time two-way access to stock data, operations are more streamlined. Vincent Amat, Sales Director, Fülle: “Vendors have an online management area showing real-time sales feedback, so they can remotely manage their product catalog, price list, and trigger movements of goods from one point of sale to another.”

A better customer experience
Customers saw more of the event and spent less time waiting to be served, meaning that they are more likely to return.
“Ordering and paying via a single terminal saves valuable time in busy periods.” says Laurent Pouillon, Associate Director, Planet Monetic. 

Constantly improving features
Based on feedbacks from staff, shortcuts have been added to the application to reduce the number of clicks needed to take a payment from four to two, making it faster to use. 
The [email protected] application is now available to all merchants on Telium TETRA terminals and is perfectly suited for use at restaurants, festivals and sports events. It can be fully customized as required.

Fülle provides wholesalers, resellers and distributors an entire ecosystem of applications that enable merchants to manage billing, collection and sales data analysis.

Planet Monetic is an Ingenico Partner specializing in fintech services.

Accès Vital Technology (AVT) is a leading wholesale distributor of card readers and payment terminals.