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Ingenico ePayments’ platform allows Newpharma to tailor the payment experience to the requirements of international markets, including language, currency and preferred payment method. This guarantees an easy-to-use, secure and smooth checkout process for customers.

How was Newpharma born?

The ingenious idea came from a Belgian pharmacist who wanted to sell medicine online. We knew the adventure would not be easy, particularly due to regulations.

But we were so excited that our first online health and beauty product was sold in 2008! And our business really took off once online sales of non-prescription medication were authorised in Belgium in 2009.

What were your challenges in terms of online payments?

From the outset, we wanted a stable and secure system from our provider. The Newpharma website needs to be simple, clear and fast. An excessively slow response time means lost sales. 

The user experience, meanwhile, must be optimised and reassuring since the products being sold may be sensitive.

And since our Belgian prices were attractive for neighbouring countries such as France and the Netherlands, we also wanted support to reach the international market. 

How would you describe your collaboration with Ingenico?

Because the pharmacy sector is the most demanding in terms of customer requirements, it is essential for us to have a stable and secure platform. And that is what we have managed to put in place thanks to Ingenico ePayments!

Although our site may not be the most beautiful, it is reassuring and meets our conversion targets. We are very happy with our payment partner, although most of the time we don’t need to think about it since everything works as it should, without a glitch.

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